Announcement of the Establishment of the Local Unit of the Nyilaskeresztes Párt (Arrow Cross Party). Kálmán Hubay.
Establishment of a Local Unit of the Hungarian Nazi Party - One of Its Earliest Documents

Announcement of the Establishment of the Local Unit of the Nyilaskeresztes Párt (Arrow Cross Party).

Kiskunhalas: Brecska Antal könyvnyomdája, [1939]. Original, vintage poster. Printed in red and green. 315 × 475 mm. Paper yellowed due to ageing. Folded twice. Very slightly chipped at lower edge. Overall in fine condition.

One of the earliest documents of the Arrow Cross Party, a political poster for the campaign of the May 1939 national elections.

Coloured, printed poster with the symbol of the Nyilaskeresztes Párt (Arrow Cross Party), the Hungarian Nazi party, a green arrow cross in red circle with red beams. Ruled in red and green with blank (white) area in between, as allusion to the Hungarian tricolour. The green line forms an escutcheon that contains the symbol and the textual content, except the party slogan, “Hüség és fegyelem! Gyözünk!” (Loyalty and Discipline! We Win!) which is printed to the lower part of the poster.

It announces the establishment of the local (Kiskunhalas, South Hungary) unit of the Arrow Cross Party and calls the “brothers” to join.

The text informs that the Party’s leader is MP Kálmán Hubay who served in this rank from the establishment of the party on March 15, 1939 until August 1940 when Ferenc Szálasi got freed from prison, due to a general amnesty, and took the position. This early period was rather successful for the party, it attracted a large number of followers, became the second most popular political group in the country, and gained several seats in the Hungarian Parliament in the May 1939 election.

The party was banned on the outbreak of World War II by the leadership of Admiral Miklós Horthy the Regent of Hungary, and operated underground until the German occupation in March 1944. After the set up of the collaborationist government the Prime Minister’s initial act was to legalize the Arrow Cross Party. The Germans put Ferenc Szálasi in power on October 15, 1944 and the Arrow Cross Party governed the country until the Red Army was already deep inside Hungary in March 1945. During this short period ten to fifteen thousand Jews were murdered in Hungary, the formerly ceased deportations were renewed and around eighty thousand Jews were sent to Auschwitz.

Kálmán Hubay was active in this government and after the war, he was sentenced to death for war crimes, and executed in June, 1946.


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