Patent of the "Father of Electric Train"

Kaskadenschaltung von Hochspannungsdrehstrommotoren. Patentiert im Deutschen Reiche vom 19. Dezember 1905 ab. (Kaiserliche Patentamt. Patentschrift Nr. 176418. Klasse 21d. Gruppe 43. Ausgegeben den 10 . September 1906. -- in Budapest.)

Berlin: Reichsdruckerei, (1906). 3, (1) p. 1 folding plate. In fine condition.

Patent description of a three-phase electric motor by Koloman (Kálmán) Kandó (1869–1931) the pioneer in development of electric railway traction, known as “the father of electric train”. He gained his diploma as mechanical engineer in Budapest. As junior engineer he worked in France designing and developing Nikola Tesla’s induction motor, thus he understood it could be also used for railway traction. He went back to Hungary and worked for the Ganz Works together with Ottó Bláthy, Károly Zipernowsky and Miksa Déri the inventors of the closed-core (Z.B.D.) transformer. Kandó designed the system of the world’s first mainline electrified railway, using three-phase power, at the Valtellina line (Italy) in 1902.

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