Item #772 A Gépember. [The Man Machine.]. Sándor Bortnyik, Miklós Korschelt, László Zelenka.
A Gépember. [The Man Machine.]
The Budapest Robot

A Gépember. [The Man Machine.]

Kispest: Miklós Korschelt, ca. 1940. Original, vintage, black and white photograph. Stamped by the photographer, Miklós Korschelt on verso. Title and date in pencil on verso. 180 × 240 mm. Four pinholes at corners. Corners chipped. Overall in fine condition.

Extremely scarce original photograph of the robot, designed by Sándor Bortyik.

The “man machine” was exhibited in Budapest at the International Fair in the 1940s (according to other sources in 1937). Built by László Zelenka (1902-1960; electrical and radio engineer) the “Hungarian Edison” and it’s futuristic body was designed by Sándor Bortnyik (1893–1976), the Hungarian avant-garde artist.

The approximately 2 meter high robot could detect the audience via photo-electric cells in its eyes and stand up using motors in the base, while its arms were hold onto a solid post to keep the balance. In this position it could deliver a recorded message, or a radio message via a loudspeaker cashed in the mouth.

Extremely scarce image of the hardly documented “Budapest Robot”.

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