Collection of Eleven 1920s Mugshots from Belgium, Three Typological Portraits of Women.
Criminal Collection – Mugshots of Female Murderers

Belgium: around 1922. Original, vintage, black and white photographs. Mugshot’s size: 140 × 90 mm (one of them slightly smaller); the typology portraits: 90 × 120 mm. In very good condition.

Each mugshots with two images, a full face and profile of the offender and identification number, some dated (1922). On verso: name, birth date and place, the committed crime and the sentence in ink in French.

8 mugshots of female murderers, different types of killing indicated on verso: homicide, voluntary manslaughter or infanticide.

3 mugshots of male offenders with less information on the verso, one was a murderer.

3 typological portraits of women, the different types are indicated in ink on verso: “type musculaire”, “type cérébral” and “type nerveux” and added “hérédo-syphilitique” (congenital syphilis).


Price: €2,000.00