Program of the Frist Hungarian School for Deaf Children

Programm über die Nothwendigkeit taubstumme Kinder durch die Erziehung, und den Unterricht in wahre Gottesverehrer, und nützliche Glieder des Staates zu verwandeln, der Edlen Ungarischen Nation vorgestellt von den Vorgesetzten des Ungarischen Taubstummen-Instituts.

Waitzen (Vác): Anton Gottlieb, 1803. First edition. Text in German. Published unbound. 8, (8) p. Edges somewhat chipped. Overall a very good copy.

The first publication of the first school for deaf children in Hungary, that has been opened in 1802. The founder of the institution was a Hungarian nobleman, András Cházár and the first director Antal Simon. The method of the school was developed according to Abbé Charles-Michel de l'Épée’s method who opened his school in Paris in 1760, however the brochure also refers to Juan Pablo Bonet, the Spanish pioneer of education for the deaf, John Wallis the English mathematician who was involved in devising a system for teaching deaf-mutes, Johann Konrad Amman one of the earliest writers on the instruction of the non-verbal deaf, and other pioneer educators of deaf.

The unpaged part contains the list of the donators of the institution, mostly Hungarian noblemen. And the names of the first 20 pupils of the school.

Scarce document. WorldCat locates only one copy in institutional holding.


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