Collection of Signed Photographs of Russian, Hungarian Cosmonauts.
Eastern Cosmonauts

Ca. 1980. Four signed, original, vintage photographs of cosmonauts. 3 coloured images, size: 120 × 170 mm. 1 black and white photo, size: 90 × 130 mm.

1. Signed, black and white photo of Alexey Leonov (b. 1934) the first human to conduct a spacewalk.

2. Signed, coloured photo portrait of Valeri Kubasov (1935–2014) the Soviet cosmonaut who flew two missions in the Soyuz programme.

3. Signed, coloured photo portrait of Bertalan Farkas (b. 1949) the first Hungarian cosmonaut, he was launched into space on Soyuz 36 along with Kubasov, in 1980.

4. Signed, coloured photograph of four cosmonauts Kubasov, Farkas, Leonov and Béla Magyari (b. 1949) Colonel of the Hungarian Air Force, he was Farkas’ backup cosmonaut.


Price: €400.00