Item #254 Photograph of Sir (Marc) Aurel Stein

Photograph of Sir (Marc) Aurel Stein

(Budapest): Erdélyi foto, (ca. 1930). 14 × 19,5 cm. Photo broken. With tear on left side.

Photo by Mór Erdélyi (1866–1936). Singed by him at lower right corner.

Sir Marc Aurél Stein (1862–1943) was a Hungarian born British archaeologist, mainly concerned with exploring ancient Central Asia. Member of “The Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire” as Knight Commander (KCIE), and Fellow of British Academy. He made four major expeditions to Central Asia in 1900, 1906–1908, 1913–1916 and 1930. His greatest discovery was made at Mogao Caves, also known as “Caves of the Thousand Buddhas”, near Dunhuang in 1907. The Stein collection (mostly manuscripts and other relics) has been placed in the British Library, the British Museum, and partly to the Srinagar Museum and the National Museum in New Delhi.


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