Item #2218 Presentation of the Bratislava Chapter to Ferdinand III 1651

Presentation of the Bratislava Chapter to Ferdinand III 1651

Dated 9 December 1651. 8 parchment letters, 13 pages entered. Old entries on the first cover page referring to the place where the document was previously kept. Book format diploma, contemporary ornate, richly gilded parchment binding. The gilded Austrian imperial coat of arms is pressed into the middle of the first binding plate, and the crowned Hungarian coat of arms is pressed into the back binding plate. The submission was confirmed by the embossed wax seal of Archbishop György Lippay of Esztergom in a red oak case, which was strung on a braided national thread. Two of the silk ribbons that tie the bandage are missing.

The submission summarizes what happened in the estate lawsuit of Pál Erdődi Pálffy and informs the ruler about the installation. He refers to the Royal Majesty's earlier paper-based diploma, confirmed by a clause and a secret seal, which he gave to Pál Pálffy Erdődi. The text of this diploma is quoted verbatim. According to them, the reason for the benefit is that Pál Erdődi Pálffy did a significant service to the ruler in various official positions for the kingdom and our royal majesty. In recognition of this, the ruler gives him the right to own the entire castle of Bratislava together with all its income (including the right to pub). The letter suggests that the right of use was originally granted by Emperor Rudolf to Nicholas, the current father of Paul, who then inherited it but retained ownership from the beginning for the current ruler. Miklós Majláth, Treasury Legal Director, referred to this during the lawsuit. Palatine Pál Pálffy from Erdőd was the son of Miklós Pálffy, a judge and famous warlord, the captain of the Bratislava castle. When they wanted to register it in the possession of the Bratislava castle and its property, the fiscus director, i.e. the treasury legal director representing the state, solemnly protested against the incorporation. Pál Erdődi Pálffy (late 1580s – 1653) in the submission was the palatine of Hungary, and from 1625 to 1646 he was the president of the Hungarian Royal Treasury. Also from 1625 he was royal chief chef and royal councilor. In 1630 he became President of the Bratislava Parliament, and from 1646 he was appointed national judge. From 1649 he was a palatine, and due to this position he was also the captain of the Jász and Kunas. King Philip of Spain donated the chain of the Order of the Golden Wool. Count György Lippay (1600–1666) of Sombor was a primate, archbishop of Esztergom and an excellent alchemist. In 1631 he became bishop of Pécs, of Veszprém on February 1, 1633, and of Eger on May 1, 1637, and from 1635 he became chancellor. He was one of the founders of the Faculty of Law of the University of Trnava. From 1642 he worked as the archbishop of Esztergom. He was one of the main organizers of the Counter-Reformation and a committed supporter of the Habsburgs. After the peace of Vasvár in 1664, he joined the aristocratic conspiracy organized by palatine Ferenc Wesselényi due to the growing foreign pressure on the country.

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