Item #1952 Marcel Duchamp cili Udel Umelce. [Marcel Duchamp or the Work of an Artist.]. Jindrich Chalupecky.
Extremely Scarce Czech Samizdat

Marcel Duchamp cili Udel Umelce. [Marcel Duchamp or the Work of an Artist.]

[S.i.]: [S.n.], [ca. 1980]. First edition. Samizdat. In somewhat later cloth binding. Xeroxed. 173 [1] p. Cover stained, corners bumped. Otherwise in fine condition.

Extremely scarce samizdat on Marcel Duchamp by Chalupecký.

The Czech art critic and art historian, Jindřich Chalupecký (1910–1990) was first introduced to Marcel Duchamp’s works in 1934 and later he published essays and books, giving a detailed account of Duchamp’s life, including Marcel Duchamp a osud moderního umění (1975) and Podobizna umělce v moderním věku, Duchampovské meditacev (1982). In 1969, as the manager of the Václav Špála Gallery he opened a retrospective exhibition of Duchamp’s works.

From 1948 as a “supporter of the decadent art”, except for a few years, Chalupecký was not allowed to publish writings in Czechoslovakia, his works were published as samizdat or abroad.

This book on the avant-garde artist’s life is not listed among Chalupecký’s works thus it is extremely scarce and most likely was only published in samizdat.


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