Item #1937 Ukrajinci aJejich Osvobozenecké Hnutí. [Ukranians and their Liberation Movement.]. Emil Dr Strauss, Vincenc Dr Charvát.
Striking Modernist Cover 

Ukrajinci aJejich Osvobozenecké Hnutí. [Ukranians and their Liberation Movement.]

Brno: Vil’na Hromada, 1928. First edition. In publisher’s typographically illustrated wrappers. 24 p. Edges and spine are slightly chipped. Tanned. Some pencil marks on p. 1 and 10–11. Altogether in fine condition.

Striking typographically illustrated cover for essays about Ukraine’s political situation.

The publication includes two articles in Czech about the political situation and social movements in Ukraine at the beginning of the 20th century. The authors are Emil Strauss (1866–1960) and Vincenc Charvát (1889-1947).

Emil Strauss was a German writer, who in the first decades of the 20th Century turned increasingly to the radical right and in 1930 he joined the NSDAP and became an active member of the party. He was also the author of the banned play, Vaterland (1924).

Vincenc Charvát was a Czechoslovak publicist and politician. He was the editor of the magazine Čechoslovan v Kyjevě (Czechoslovak in Kyiv) and was also a member of the National Assembly for the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Workers Party, later for the Socialist Party.


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