Item #1864 Tercüme-i seyahatnâme-i Brezilya. Abdurrahman b. Abdullah Bagdadî Efendi.
Tercüme-i seyahatnâme-i Brezilya
First Muslims in Brazil

Tercüme-i seyahatnâme-i Brezilya

Kostantiniyye [Constantinople; Istanbul]: Mataa-yi mire, 1288 AH [1871 AD]. First edition. In publisher’s green printed wrappers. [44] p. Cover with light stains, damaged at bottom of the spine. Notes in ink on front and back cover. Light stains occasionally. Overall in very good condition.

The only 19th century written record about the situation of Muslims in Brazil.

This travelogue is the second of two known accounts of the first voyage ever made to the American continent by the Ottoman navy.

Abdurrahman Efendi was aboard on an Ottoman warship heading to the Persian Gulf in 1865. When the ship got lost in a storm, it arrived at the Brazilian coast instead, where to his surprise Abdurrahman met fellow Muslims, descendants of African slaves. He remained in Brazil to join and serve the local Islamic community. After six years he returned to the Ottoman Empire and wrote his travelogue about the journey and his years in Brazil.


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