Item #1846 Collection of 91 Photographs by an American World War II Soldier In Germany.
Collection of 91 Photographs by an American World War II Soldier In Germany.
Early Photos of the Liberated Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Berghof and the Eagle's Nest, and Post War Germany.

Collection of 91 Photographs by an American World War II Soldier In Germany.

[Germany / USA]: [April 1945]. 21 larger: ca. 88 × 60 mm (16); ca. 60 × 57 mm (4); ca. 115 × 70 mm (1) and 70 smaller: ca. 40 × 29 mm black and white photographs. Contemporary print. Many of the larger photos are with typewritten caption, one with military supervision stamp on the verso. The two series of smaller photos are mounted on two large sheets, the sheets are labeled in handwriting, most of these images are darkened at the edges, due to the glue used for mounting. Overall in very good condition.

Ninety-one private, unpublished snapshots of the Post War Germany, including early photos of the liberated Buchenwald concentration camp and Hitler’s burnt-out resident, the Eagle's Nest.

The images were taken by an unknown American soldier. The two sheets with the smaller images are captioned as “Scenes Koenig See [Königssee]”, “Scenes atop the Adlerhorst Hitler’s retreat” (34 photos) and the other paper (with of 36 images) “Highway scenes between Bad Abbach[?] and Berchtesgaden”, “Hitler’s Home Adlershorst, Large window to obserview [sic] scenes” showing plane wrecks, landscape, and the bombed-out Berghof, Hitler’s resident. It also contains variants of the iconic image of the view from the giant window in Hitler’s ruined living room.

The larger prints are: - two photos showing German women soldiers, presumably Wehrmachtshelferinnen (female auxiliaries) as POWs at an unknown location; - four images of American soldiers, with military machines, one shows four soldiers reading the news of President Roosevelt’s death; - three photos of Munich; - four pictures showing a group of women sitting on the ground in front of a building at an unknown location (probably also Wehrmachtshelferinnen); - two portraits of an unidentified lady; - six photos showing the liberated Buchenwald Concentration Camp: two images showing piles of dead bodies; other two the exhibited dummies made by former inmates in positions of torture; one image shows soldiers and a member of the “English committee investigating Buchenwald crimes”; another one the provisional memorial which was erected on the roll-call square on April 19, 1945, which is supposedly the first Holocaust memorial to be built.

The Buchenwald Concentration Camp was one of the largest concentration camps established in Germany. During its operation between 1937 and 1945, the SS imprisoned about 250,000 persons from all over Europe and murdered at least 56,000 prisoners, some 11,000 of them Jews. The camp and its 21,000 inmates were liberated by the 6th Armored Division of General George S. Patton’s Third Army on April 11, 1945.


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