[In Hebrew:] Tsiltsele Shema. [Resounding Cymbals.]. Yosef Matov.
[In Hebrew:] Tsiltsele Shema. [Resounding Cymbals.]
Striking Cover - One of 100 Copies

[In Hebrew:] Tsiltsele Shema. [Resounding Cymbals.]

Kharkov [Kharkiv]: [S.n.], 1923. First edition. Printed in only 100 copies. In publisher’s illustrated wrapper, designed by Aris. 32 p. In custom-made, cloth-covered, hardpaper box. Cover artistically restored. Pages yellowed due to aging. Overall in very good condition.

Extremely scarce literary anthology of young Hebrew poets, with striking, avant-garde cover.

A literary anthology featuring works by young Hebrew writers and poets, including Yosef Matov, Gershon Hanovitch, Avraham Kariv, Gershon Fried and others. The anthology was printed in one hundred copies only and constitutes a rare example of a Hebrew publications in Soviet Russia.

After the October Revolution, the Russian government implemented a policy of suppressing the Hebrew language, which was proclaimed a "reactionary [anti-revolutionary] language". Hebrew language instruction was banned and limitations were placed on Hebrew publishing. During the early 1920s, most of the senior Hebrew writers left Russia. The void they left behind was partly filled by a group of young Jewish writers and poets called the "Leningrad Group" or the "Genesis Group". The members of the group, most of them avant-garde poets, supported the ideology of the October Revolution, which they wanted to express in Hebrew, and fought for the Hebrew language's right to exist in Soviet-Russia. During the 1920s, despite difficulties and persecutions by the government, they succeeded in publishing four Hebrew literary anthologies; the first of them being "Tsiltsele Shema" (Resounding Cymbals). The group continued its activity in Leningrad until 1927, when several of its members were arrested and exiled. The editor of "Tsiltsele Shema", Yosef Matov (Sa'aroni), was sentenced to exile to Siberia; however, in 1928, his punishment was changed to exile to Palestine. In Palestine he worked as a writer and translator of Russian literature.


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