Item #1736 [In Yiddish:] Shtrom; Choydesh Heftn. 2. [Stream/Current. Monthly Magazine. No. 2.]. Cover design by, Marc Chagall.
Chagall’s Cover Design

[In Yiddish:] Shtrom; Choydesh Heftn. 2. [Stream/Current. Monthly Magazine. No. 2.]

Moscow: Der Shtrom, The Moscow School for Yiddish Printers, 1922. Cover design by Marc Chagall. First edition. In publisher’s illustrated wrappers. 80 p. Paper yellowed due to aging. Tiny inkblots on cover. Note in pencil on title page. Numeric notes between pp. 9–25. Three pinholes throughout at the gutter. Cover artistically restored. Overall in very good condition.

The second number of the first Soviet Yiddish literary-cultural periodical, featuring a cover designed by Marc Chagall.

Shtorm was founded and edited by a literary and artistic group formed in Kiev of Yekhezkl Dobrushin, Nokhem Oyslender, and Arn Kushnirov, and Dovid Hofshteyn. Six numbers were published in five issues between 1922 and 1924.

Each cover featured the same illustration on the front by Marc Chagall. “Chagall used only the letters in the word Shtrom as illustrations, which included a disembodied person on the »R« and a factory with a worker entering the building as part of the »Sh«” (Shneer, pp. 145–6).

Bibl.: Shneer, D.: Yiddish and the Creation of Soviet Jewish Culture: 1918–1930. Cambridge University Press, 2004.


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