Item #172 Wilsontól csak wilsoni békét…! [From Wilson, Only Wilson-Peace…!]. Woodrow Wilson.
Post-WWI Poster

Wilsontól csak wilsoni békét…! [From Wilson, Only Wilson-Peace…!]

Budapest: Országos Propaganda Bizottság (Kultura), (1919). Lithographic poster. 95 × 63 cm. Folded.

Wilson’s strict look portrait in black on the upper half of the poster. In contrast with burning white text on the red background.

The angry poster refers to Wilson’s Fourteen Points that have been the basis for the terms of the German surrender, as negotiated at the Paris Peace Conference at the end of World War I. The 10th point stated that “The people of Austro-Hungary, whose place among the nations we wish to see safeguarded and assured, should be accorded the freest opportunity to autonomous development.” The Hungarians feared that these grants will remain only promises, and they protested against the ideas of Wilson with this poster.


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