Item #1593 [Cover Title:] Dokumentacja metazbioru A. Documentation of the meta-set A. Author, Marian Warzecha, Wacław Pieniądz, Consultant, Waclaw Pieniadz.
Polish Conceptual Artist’s Book

[Cover Title:] Dokumentacja metazbioru A. Documentation of the meta-set A.

[Høvik]: Sonja Henies og Niels Onstads Stiefelser, 1971. First edition. Signed. In original printed wrappers. Text in Polish and English. With the stamp of the gallery where the book was exhibited. 31 leaves, and one plate of black-and-white photographic reproduction, with and one bound-in postcard and one insert. Wrappers and pages slightly yellowed due to acidic paper. In fine condition.

Documentation of the meta-set A is an artist’s book by the Polish painter and conceptual artist, Marian Warzecha (b. 1930), that is part of his long-term project series, called the Metasets (1970-1975).  

Consisting of several paintings, low-relief sculptures and mixed media pieces besides the book, the metasets were models of logical systems, employing commonly accepted symbols of formal logic and mathematics, that Warzecha created with an attempt to find new possibilities for representing illogical and non-dimensional spaces.

Warzecha exhibited the Metasets in several locations from Kraków to New York. According to the stamp on the cover, this book is from the exhibition that took place in the Richard Demarco Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland: “Publication of the documentation of the system. The Richard Demarco Gallery. 8 Melville Crescent Edinburgh. 20 August 1972 Hour: 11AM. /7934 hours of existence of the Metaset A/”.

Warzecha was one of the most important Polish artists of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Between 1961 and 1965, he participated in four exhibitions in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. His works are also held in the collection of the MoMA as well as in the collection of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, among others.


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