A rémhírterjesztö. [The Panic-Monger.]
1956 Governmental Poster

A rémhírterjesztö. [The Panic-Monger.]

[N.p. probably Szolnok or Budapest]: [s.n.], [1956]. 210 × 297 mm. Printed poster. It was removed from wall, thus a grayish film of glue could be seen on the surface. Overall in very good condition.

A well-dressed man carries newspaper with headlines “Leaflet; Strike; Appeal”. A duck gaggles out of his shouting mouth as the symbol of fake news.

The governmental poster was made by the Soviet-installed “Magyar Forradalmi Munkás-Paraszt Kormány” (Revolutionary Worker-Peasant Government of Hungary), led by János Kádár, that attempted to suppress the revolution in Hungary after the Soviet intervention on November 4, 1956, The new government used any possible channels to consolidate its power and break the opposition. Part of these efforts was to reoccupy the streets with posters. The vast majority of the posters were professionally printed, but there were a few ones like this, that had a short, less intellectual and sophisticated textual message supported with a cartoon-like graphics. The images are probably intentionally amateurish, to imitate as if they were made by the “People” and not by the “Power”.


Price: €400.00

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