Item #1316 Botrány! Zsidok pénzelik a Hungarista “Magyarság”-ot! [Scandal! Jews Financing the Hungarist (Newspaper) “Magyarság”.]
Botrány! Zsidok pénzelik a Hungarista “Magyarság”-ot! [Scandal! Jews Financing the Hungarist (Newspaper) “Magyarság”.]
Nazi Proganda: "Jews Financing the Hungarist Newspaper"

Botrány! Zsidok pénzelik a Hungarista “Magyarság”-ot! [Scandal! Jews Financing the Hungarist (Newspaper) “Magyarság”.]

[N.p.]: I. Tarr (Nyomatott Laiszky János könyvnyomdájában Esztergom), [December 1, 1938]. Illustrated with photographic reproductions and the emblem of the Hungarist movement. 1 double-sided folio. Printed on green paper. (2) p. Size: 315 × 470 mm. Dated in ink at the upper left corner. Folded twice. Small tear at the head of the vertical folding. A tiny loss to the upper left corner affects only the margin. Slightly discolored at edges due to aging. Otherwise in fine condition.

This large format single issue newspaper attacks the Hungarian Nazi journal “Magyarság” to be financed by Jews.

The present paper accuses “Magyarság”, one the major journals of the Hungarist Movement, the political organization of the Hungarian Nazis, of being financed by Jews. It displays three copies of bills of payment for “Magyarság” and its advertisement department by the Rimamurányi és Salgótarjáni Vasmű Rt. a large joint-stock iron-industry company whose ownership’s majority was Jewish indeed.

Whether if these bills were genuine is unclear, just as the authenticity of the list quoted on the verso of “Jewish-businesses” which were allegedly recommended by “Magyarság” for its readers. What we know for sure is the competition between the Nazi journals of the time: many of them were temporarily banned in 1938 such as Összetartás (Solidarity), Virradat (Dawn) even Magyarság, and many with the same ideology were founded in the fall of the year like Magyarság Útja (Hungarian Path) or Holnap (Tomorrow). The last section of this paper calls for an answer to the accusation and suggests that the responses should be sent to the editorial of Összetartás (Solidarity), which leads us to the presumption that this single issue newspaper was just a chapter of the war for the Hungarian Nazi readership.


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