Autograph Postcard. Szilard Leo, Szilárd Leó.
Leo Szilard Autograph

Autograph Postcard.

[Hungary]: Ca. 1920. Written in black ink. Undated. 138 × 89 mm. Stamp removed. Damaged at lower right corner, otherwise in very good condition.

Asking about the howabouts of Magdus, the addressee of the postcard, nicknamed as “Cigány” (Gipsy), and Gizike. Inquires if the two girls are still thinking about him, and sends his regards to everyone.

Leo Szilard (1898–1964) was a Jewish Hungarian-born physicist and inventor, who conceived the nuclear chain reaction, the cyclotron particle accelerator and the electron microscope; patented the idea of nuclear reactor, invented a linear accelerator. Szilárd worked for the Manhattan Project that built the atomic bomb for the US.

Almost nothing is know about the circumstances of the birth of this postcard, however according to the family legend, Szilárd admired Magdus and visited her at Püspöknádasd (today: Mecseknádasd) several times, where Magdus’ uncle was the director of the local school.


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