Register of deceased of the French Army in Saint-Domingue.
Signed List of the Victims of Yellow Fever Among the French Army in Saint-Domingue

Register of deceased of the French Army in Saint-Domingue.

1 page document. Ca. 1802–1803. Written both sides. Signed by Boyer. With the stamp of “État Major Général de l’Armee de St. Domingue”. Chipped at edges. Overall in good condition.

List of the the deceased officers of the French Army during the Saint-Domingue expedition. Signed by the Brigadier General, the Chief of Stuff Pierre François Joseph Boyer (1772–1851).

Thirteen names are registered, among them the leaders of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Saint-Domingue expedition, the attempt to regain the control of the island: Major General Charles Leclerc (1772–1802), Divisional General Charles Dugua (1740–1802), Divisional General Pierre-Joseph Watrin (1772–1802), Brigadier General Władysław Franciszek Jabłonowski (1769–1802), and Brigadier General Jean-Baptiste Maur Meyer (1768–1802).

All died from the 1802 Saint-Domingue yellow fever epidemic that hit the French troops severely. Lacking knowledge about prevention and control measures, mortality from the disease was crucial, more than half of the French army died, and they were defeated at the battle of Vertières on 18 November 1803. On 1 January 1804 the colony of Saint-Domingue proclaimed independence, under the name of Haiti, thus she became the first independent black republic, and the only nation ever to form a successful slave revolt.


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