Controversialist treatise

Utrum Pentateuchus a Samaritano Sacerdote sit Conscriptus (Q. D. B. V., […] Adversus Auctorem Judicii de Richardi Simonii Historia V. T. Critica, publice different Praeses M. Sebastian Ezradus, & Respondens Hermannus Pfingsten, Buxtehuda Bremensis. Ad diem Dec. Anno MDCXCV.)

Vitembergae (Wittenberg): Literis Schrödterianis, Acad. Typ (Schrödter), 1695. First edition. Papered spine. (4º) A1–B4.; (16) p. Upper edge artistically restored. In good condition.

Sebastian Edzardi (1673–1736) was a German philosopher, theologian and Lutheran missionary. Studied philosophy and theology at the Wittenberg University and became a professor of logic and metaphysics at the Academic Gymnasium of Hamburg. He was a zealous Lutheran and his hatred of Reformed engaged him in long and violent controversies. He also aided his brother Georg Elieser in his efforts for the conversion of the Jews.

Edzardi wrote numerous polemical writings, this is one of them, against Richard Simon (1638–1712; French priest, biblical critic) and his work “Histoire critique du Vieux Testament” (Paris, 1678).


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