Decree about slave-trade and the declaration of William Pitt as enemy of mankind

[Caption title:] Décrets de la Convention Nationale, Des 27 Juillet & 7 Août 1793, l’an second de la République Françoise. […]

Evreux: J. J. L. Ancelle, 1793. First edition. Published unbound. 4 p. In good condition.

Decree of the National Convention about slave-trade; the declaration of William Pitt as enemy of mankind; and a decree on sylviculture.

1º. Qui autorise le Ministre de la Marine à faire marquer & exploiter les Bois propres à la construction des Vaisseaux. Du 27 Juillet 1793. No. 1279.

Authorising extraordinary cuts in the forests for the Navy for shipbuilding.

2º. Qui supprime les Primes pour le Traite des Esclavage. No. 1287. [Décret de la Convention Nationale, du 27 juillet 1793, l’an second de la République Française, qui supprime les Primes pour la Traite des Esclaves.]

A milestone toward the abolition of slavery and the emancipation of slaves. Decree of the National Convention on June 27, 1793 that removes the premiums for slave-trading. A copy of the decree (Paris imprint) is at Princeton University in the “Sid Lapidus '59 Collection on Liberty and the American Revolution”.

3º. Qui déclare Williams Pitt ennemi du genre humain. No. 1342.

Declares William Pitt an “Enemy of Mankind”. “Hostis humani generis” as a universal legal concept (not regarding piracy) appears here the first time in early-modern international law. By declaring the English Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger (1759–1806) “ennemi du genre humain” the National Convention declared that everyone has the right to assassinate him with impunity, because of his anti-French and antirevolutionary stance.

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