Item #3134 Autograph letter. Markus Fugger von der Lilie, Marx.
Letter by Markus Fugger.

Autograph letter

28. Mai 1540. Handwritten letter. 1 p 23 x 22 cm. Very good condition.

Letter by Markus Fugger. Extremely rare.

Markus Fugger (Marx Fugger) von der Lilie (1529 – 1597) was a German politician and businessman of the Fugger family. He was the eldest son of Anton Fugger. He achieved several high offices - chamberlain to Archduke Ernest of Austria, Kammerpräsident, member of the kurbayrische (Bavarian) council, Pfleger (reeve) in the Landshut, and city-pfleger in Augsburg.

Children's letter from the eleven-year-old Fugger to his "Segam" (nurse) at his father's house, with greetings to her and other members of the household. He is pleased that she was unharmed in an accident with accident with a carriage that had overturned three times and reports "about the Hungarians and the Burmese [Bohemians?] who want to take our lives". Otherwise he does not know much to write and he sends greetings to all the inhabitants of the house.

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