Item #2954 Menzel. Die kleine Exzellenz. Joachim von Kürenberg.
Menzel. Die kleine Exzellenz
Inscribed to Gyula Batthyany

Menzel. Die kleine Exzellenz

Berlin: Kruger, 1935. In original cloth. 280 p. In very good condition.

Inscribed to Gyula Batthyany.

Gyula Batthyány ( 1887 – .1959) was a Hungarian painter and graphic artist. His first master was János Vaszary at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, then he was taught by Angelo Jank in Munich. He attended the Julian Academy in Paris for three years. He met Leon Bakst. He worked for years in Florence and Naples, and went on study trips to many cities in Europe. After the First World War, he took a cruise in Asia Minor, Egypt, Tunis, the island of Madeira and the Canary Islands. He spent a longer time in England and America. In 1922, he founded an artist colony on his property in Bicske. In 1937-1938, he ran a painting school with István Pekáry in Eger and Pécs. He created many illustrations and designed sets and costumes for the National Theatre. After 1945, he settled in Polgárdi. He spent five years in prison for political reasons in the fifties.

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