Item #2375 Signed letter to Ulric Meringer. Bianca-Maria Sforza.
Sent by Bianca-Maria Sforza

Signed letter to Ulric Meringer

Constance: 1509. 01. 25. In very nice conditon.

Payment order sent to Ulric Meringer, master of the Emperor's chamber at Innsbruck; half-page oblong in-4, address on the back, with two paper seals, one of which has his coat of arms; in Latin.

Bianca-Maria Sforza was the queen of Germany and Italy, and empress of the Holy Roman Empire as the third spouse of Maximilian I. She was the eldest legitimate daughter of Duke Galeazzo Maria Sforza of Milan by his second wife, Bona of Savoy.

Price: €4,000.00

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