Cabinet Portrait of Emil Szittya. Emil Szittya.
Cabinet Portrait of Emil Szittya.
Portrait of Emil Szittya, “Le Poéte Vagabond”

Cabinet Portrait of Emil Szittya.

(Around 1900.). Uncredited photograph. Notes in pencil on verso in French. Collection stamp of Szittya and Joseph Kadar, the Hungarian-born painter and art collector on verso. 105 × 60 mm. In good condition.

Portrait of the twenty years old Emil Szittya. The note on the verso, presumably by Szittya himself reads “Szittya. Le poéte vagabond à 20 ans.”

This portrait has been exhibited at the show “Szittya Emil festői és írói munkássága” (Emil Szittya’s Paintings and Writings) in Kassák Museum at Budapest in 1989.

Emil Szittya (Émile, or Emile Lesitt, Emil Szytia, Oscar Ray, Karl Stammer, Verista; 1886–1964) was a Hungarian-born artist. As a very young men at age fourteen he started his wandering around Europe, on his travel he got friend with Lajos Kassák the outstanding Hungarian avantgardist, in Paris with the chief avant-garde artists of the time like Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Henri Rousseau, Chaim Soutine and Blaise Cendrars with who they published the anarchist magazine “Les hommes nouveaux”. In 1915 in Zürich he got acquainted with the leaders of the communist movement, Lenin and Trotsky, and also with the dadaists Tristan Tzara, Hans Richter and Hugo Ball. Numerous articles and essays were published by him in various art magazines, and he published several books on artists, his expressionist paintings were exhibited mostly posthumously.


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