Tram wpopszek ulicy. Skruty prozy i poemy. [Tram to the Other Side of the Street.]. Yeży Yankowski, Jerzy Jankowski.
Polish Futurism

Tram wpopszek ulicy. Skruty prozy i poemy. [Tram to the Other Side of the Street.]

Warszawa (Warsaw): Wydawnictwo Futuryzm Polski, [1919] 1920. First edition. Printed on thick, brown paper, with modernist set of typography also by Yankowski. In original typographical cover, designed by the author. (64) p. Artistically restored. In fine condition.

Jerzy Jankowski (1887–1941) Polish poet and journalist, considered the first futurist in Poland. His early futurist poems (“Spłon lotnika” and “Magi”) were published in 1914 in the literary magazine “Widnokręgi”. This work, the “Tram wpopszek ulicy” is the first Polish futurist book. Published by “Wydawnictwo Futuryzm Polski“ (“Polish Futurist Press”, founded by Yankowski) in modernist set of typography by the author. The book caused a real scandal not merely because of its content, but also its unusual layout and how Yankowski disregarded any rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation as a symbol of the technically advanced civilization and the contempt for tradition, culture and all the former norms of social life.

Jankowski suffered from mental illness and in 1921 got into a psychiatric hospital where he lived until his death. He was killed by the Nazis with an injection of phenol into the heart during the German occupation of Vilnius.

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