Photo Album by Ivor Goddard. Ivor Goddard, Jacqueline Barsotti, Man Ray.
Photo Album by Ivor Goddard.
Photo Album by Ivor Goddard.
Photographs of Man Ray’s Muse

Photo Album by Ivor Goddard.

[S.l.]: [S.n.], [ca. 1940]. A unique album with 14 black and white original photographs, 12 photographs on album card leaves and 2 mounted on separate paper. In original wrapping. In various sizes. Wrapper is loose at tail. In very good condition.

An album by Ivor Goddard with several photographs of Jacqueline Barsotti, Man Ray’s former model.

The fourteen pictures of this photo album are taken by photographer Ivor Goddard including some pictures of Jacqueline Barsotti, who married the photographer later.

Jacqueline Barsotti (1911–2003) was a known and popular in the Parisian art life in the ‘20s and ‘30s. She was a close friend and model of Man Ray (1890–1976), important figure of the modernist movement in Paris. Although Man Ray would have liked to form a closer connection with Barsotti, she first married out of bohemia. Later she divorced and married Ivor Goddard in 1949.


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