Signed Autograph Postcard in French to Victor Serwy. Clara Zetkin.
Signed Autograph Postcard in French to Victor Serwy.
Clara Zetkin’s Scarce Autograph Postcard

Signed Autograph Postcard in French to Victor Serwy.

One page, autograph postcard, written in ink. Dated May 30, 1902, Stuttgart. Addressed to Victor Serwy in Bruxelles. Red inkblots on verso, with no effect on legibility. Double hole-punched, no paper loss, but reduced legibility of a few letters. Otherwise in fine condition.

Scarce holograph postcard by Clara Zetkin addressed to the Belgian cooperative leader Victor Serwy.

Signed as the editor of Die Gleichheit, Zetkin asks Victor Serwy (1863–1946) the Belgian cooperative leader, and secretary of the International Socialist Bureau (the permanent organization of the Second International), to provide her the address of “Stem de Vrouw” (ie. De Stem der vrouw [Women’s Voice], a monthly Flemish working-class women’s magazine, published in Ghent between 1900 and 1904). She also inquires about the publication of Cahiers féministes (published in Bruxelles between 1896–1907) of which she would like to collect the complete run. Zetkin writes that she had already sent a letter regarding the matter to “citoyenne Gatti de Gamond” (Isabelle Gatti de Gamond [1839–1905], founder and editor of the magazine) which remained unanswered. 

Clara Zetkin (1857–1933) was a prominent figure of the German and international workers’ movement, particularly the women workers’ movement, as a pioneer advocate for women’s rights. She was the editor of the Die Gleichheit (Equality), the influential magazine of the women's proletarian movement, and as a leader of various international women organizations. Zetkin was a friend and political associate of Alexandra Kollontai and Rosa Luxemburg. With Kollontai they fought for women’s suffrage, and with Luxemburg she led the left-wing of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and co-founded the German Communist Party.


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