L’antitradition futuriste. Manifeste=synthèse. Guillaume Apollinaire, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.
L’antitradition futuriste. Manifeste=synthèse.
Apollinaire’s Copy of the 14th Futurist Manifesto

L’antitradition futuriste. Manifeste=synthèse.

Milan: Direction du Mouvement Futuriste, 1913. Designed by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. First edition. Original, vintage flyer. Apollinaire’s possessor’s stamp on the first page. Bifolio. 230 × 290 mm. Yellowed due to ageing. Very small damage to the lower corners. Overall in fine condition.

Apollinaire’s copy of his famous manifesto, L’Antitradition Futuriste.

In the 14th Futurist manifesto, dated to June 29, 1913, Apollinaire urges a synthesis of "all the new tendencies in a perspective of coherence without unification and emulation without rivalry”. The four-page flyer which, according to Carlo Carrá, was designed by Marinetti, also contains provocative lists of oppositions: things to be suppressed and deconstructed versus things to be constructed, as well as a list of things “to shit on” (mer… de… aux) such as critics, professors, museums or academism, and a list of people who deserve “roses”.

Literature: Décaudin, Michel: Apollinaire. Paris: Le Livre de Poche, 2002. 129 p.


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