Dvorak’s Autograph Letter to His London Publisher. Antonín Dvořák, Antonin Dvorak.
Dvorak’s Autograph Letter to His London Publisher.
Dvorak’s Autograph Letter

Dvorak’s Autograph Letter to His London Publisher.

Handwritten, signed letter. 3 pages in ink. In English. Dated on March 3, 1892, in Prague. Bifolio in two halves. Watermarked paper. Unrelated note on the verso of the first page by a different hand in pencil. Pages slightly yellowed due to ageing. Staple marks at upper left corner. Folded once. In fine condition.

Antonín Dvořák’s holograph letter to his London publisher and friend, Alfred Littleton.

In his letter, Dvořák first discusses the inquiry of the Czech National Theatre’s director about the purchasing of the manuscripts of his Requiem. “Mr Subert [František Adolf Šubert (1849–1915)] would like to know if he could [?] get by purchase all the parts as well as the orchestra […] and how much they must pay you for it. You have asked me I should lent my own M.S. of the Requiem to the purpose but now, it is printed and there is no need of it. […] you may settle to as you please.”

Then, Dvořák writes about the premiere of his Symphony No. 4 in D minor (Op. 13, B41) which took place on 6th April 1892 in Prague. “The first performance under my own direction is fixed at the beginning of April - and here are making preparations in every way“ Subsequently, he announces his journey to Olomouc for a performance of the Requiem. Lastly, he adds “I got today the Mass and I will go on the work immediately”, referring to his composition The Luzany Mass (Mass in D major, Op. 86, B153, B175).

Alfred Henry Littleton (1845–1914) an English music publisher, the co-owner of Novello & Co. that published a number of Dvořák’s works. Littleton played an important role in Dvořák’s career. Besides setting up contacts in England for the composer, he initiated a number of commissions for him, represented Dvořák in dealings with English concert agencies. He also mediated negotiations between Dvořák and Jeanette Thurber, the president of the New York Conservatory which resulted in Dvořák heading the institution between 1892 and 1895. Littleton was a close friend of Dvořák and hosted him at his estate, Westwood House in Sydenham, several times.


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