Item #1785 Johannes Brahms’ Holograph Letter to Fritz Simrock. Johannes Brahms, Fritz Simrock.
Brahms’ Postcard to Fritz Simrock

Johannes Brahms’ Holograph Letter to Fritz Simrock.

Handwritten, signed postcard. Date on stamp: 26th March 1876. Wien. Slightly creased. Light stains on the verso. Yellowed due to ageing. Overall in very good condition.

Johannes Brahms’ holograph letter to his publisher and friend, Fritz Simrock.

In his letter, Brahms informs Simrock about his return to Breslau, then, he adds a note referring to an 1875 edition of Hungarian Dances by Wilhelm Kühe that was published by André Verlag in Offenbach. Since it looked like a reprint of the Brahms’ work of the same title, Simrock and Brahms initiated a lawsuit against André and Kühe for illicit reprint. The debate ended with a judicial settlement between the two parts. (Ebert 1986.)

Fritz Simrock (1837 – 1901) was a German music publisher, a close friend of Brahms who published most of the composer’s work.

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