Item #1720 [Caption title:] Supplément a l’Affiche Du Mercredi 13 Février. (No. 7.). Jean Monceaux.
Scarce Early Journal of Saint-Domingue

[Caption title:] Supplément a l’Affiche Du Mercredi 13 Février. (No. 7.)

[Au Cap-Français]: [Antoine Marie], [1765]. First edition. Unbound, as published. pp. 69–74. [Complete.]. Untrimmed. Paper slightly browned, with light foxing. A brown inkblot on the last page at the left edge, not affecting the text. Overall in very good condition.

Early print from Saint-Domingue, an extremely scarce supplement issue of the Avis divers et petites affiches américaines the second journal of the Island.

Printing in Saint-Domingue origins in the second half of the 18th century. The first printer who established himself on the isle was Antoine Maria (Cabon, 1919). Marie was born in Nantes in 1730 and obtained the exclusive patent and royal privilege for printing in Saint-Domingue in 1762 (see: Brevet d’Imprimeur exclisif, 1762). He arrived on the island in late 1763 and established his printing house in Cap-François (present-day Cap-Haïtien). His first slight pieces of prints were made probably as early as January 1764. Marie’s first significant product was the initial issue of the first official journal of the colony, the Gazette de Saint-Domingue (published between February 1 and August 8, 1764), which was continued under the title Avis divers et petites affiches américaines. He continued publishing various newsmagazines and administrative prints in the following years, and soon before his death in December 1767, he opened a second printing house in Port-au-Prince in September 1767. His business was carried on for a short time by Thomin & Le Blanc, and his privilege was transferred to a new printer named Guillot on September 28, 1768 (Bulletin, 1950).

Only a very few titles are recorded by this pioneer printer and publisher of Saint-Domingue, especially from this, the earliest stage of the operation of his press.

Avis divers et petites affiches américaines was the official weekly newspaper of the colony, published between August 29, 1764, and December 25, 1765. Its founder and editor was Jean Monceaux (1724–1768), an advocate at the Parlement de Paris and the Conseil Supérieur du Cap, who was also responsible for Gazette de Saint-Domingue the first journal and print of the colony, the predecessor of the present paper (Nabarra). Thirteen issues of the Avis divers appeared in 1764, and fifty-two in the next year, of which only nine were supplemented. In 1766 the newspaper was renamed again and it was published under the title of Les Affiches Américaines (January 1, 1766, until March 16, 1768) (Menier-Debien, 1949).

Monceaux’s journals were primarily concerned with the economy, agriculture and industry of the island, particularly in the fields of manufacturing indigo, cotton and sugarcane, which were the main resources of the island. The publication of Gazette de Saint-Domingue was ceased because of the pressure exerted by the royal administration from France due to its independent and “patriotic” voice. However this attempt of repression was a failure, the tone of the renamed newspaper remained the same, even its title Avis divers et petites affiches américaines reflected its stronger bond to the New World (Nabarra).

The present Supplément a l’affiche (for Avis divers […] No. 7, 1765) reviews Charles Henri, comte d’Estaing's, the freshly appointed governor-general of Saint-Domingue and the Windward Islands, recently published Ordonannce général de Milices de S. Domingue (Ordonnance Portant Création D'un Corps de Troupes-Légeres, Désigné Sous le Nom de Premiere Légion de S. Domingue, Rendue Par M. Le Comte D'Estaing, Gouverneur-Général, &C. Le 15 Janvier 1765.).

Extremely scarce, we could trace only one copy in institutional holdings in France (as part of a complete set of Monceaux’s journals in BnF).

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