[László Moholy-Nagy’s Hand-Drawn Postcard Of the] Café Corso, 1917. László Moholy-Nagy.
Early Drawing by Moholy-Nagy

[László Moholy-Nagy’s Hand-Drawn Postcard Of the] Café Corso, 1917.

[Budapest]: Titled and dated in black pencil, in 1917. On military-issue postcard. Ca. 90 × 140 mm. In fine condition.

László Moholy-Nagy’s (1895–1946) pencil drawing in color on the verso of an unused military-issue postcard, depicting a lady, sitting at a café-table right-turned. Titled and labeled in the artist’s hand: Café Corso 1917.

While serving in the Austro-Hungarian army in World War I, to pass the time, Moholy-Nagy produced hundreds of pencil sketches, many in color, on the backs of military-issue postcards. As a result of an injury he suffered in 1917, Moholy-Nagy went through an extensive hospital treatment in Budapest. During his recuperation, which he partly enjoyed in cafeterias, such as the Café Corso or the New York Palace Café, he continued the artistic experiments on the postcards. The present drawing is a fine piece of this series and a compelling example of Moholy-Nagy’s first steps to becoming an artist.


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