Item #170 Poster of the 1943 UFA Film TITANIC.

Poster of the 1943 UFA Film TITANIC.

Budapest: Radó, (1943 or 1944). Lithographic poster. Printed in black. Notes in blue pencil on the verso. 95 × 31 cm. Folded. In fine condition.

Advertisement poster of the 1943 UFA film, the Titanic. Showing the letters of the word Titanic as if they were sinking into the deep dark, while bubbles of air swimming upwards in the direction of the surface, with grey waves in the background. With a vignette at lower right corner with the schedule of screening.

“Titanic” is a Nazi propaganda film that shows the tragedy of the Titanic as an example of British mismanagement and placing profits ahead of safety and real progress. It also shows the the bravery and selflessness of German men. This film was the most expensive film ever produced in Germany up until that time.

The film has fatal “behind the scenes” stories as well. The director, Herbert Selpin has been arrested during the filming in 1942 by the Nazi authorities and found death in his prison cell. He has been arrested after publicly criticising the German war efforts, which has been reported to the Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. Officially it was said that Selpin hung himself with his trouser suspenders, but the rumour started to circulated immediately that he had been murdered on the orders of Goebbels.

The film supposed to be premiered in early 1943 but the theater of the premier has been destroyed after a bombing of the Royal Air Force, finally the premier took place in Paris in 1943 November. Goebbels banned its playing in Germany as he decided that the scenes of death and disaster would be too much for a German public that was by that time suffering by the Allied bombing raids.

Most of the film was shot on the board of SS Cap Arcona, a passenger liner in Poland. This ship became a death trap in the final days of the war, when the SS loaded it with mostly Jewish prisoners from concentration camps, who could have become witness against war crimes. The ship was sunk by the Royal Air Force on May 3, 1945, killing over 5,000 people, three times more than the loss of lives on the actual Titanic.


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