Item #1433 Auctarium selectarum aliquot epistolarum Erasmi Roterdami ad eruditos et horum ad illum. Desiderius Erasmus, Beatus Rhenanus.
Scarce Collection of Erasmus’ Correspondence

Auctarium selectarum aliquot epistolarum Erasmi Roterdami ad eruditos et horum ad illum.

[Argentorati (Strasbourg)]: [In Aedibus Matthiae Schurerij (Matthias Schürer)], [Mense Aprili Anno Domini M. D. XIX. (1519 April)]. First Strasbourg edition. In somewhat later paper. Illustrated title page. 167, (1) p. Collation: A6, B4, C8, D4, E8, F4, G8, H4, I8, K4, L8, M4, N8, O6. With marginal notes by contemporary hand. Some handwritten notes slightly trimmed. In fine condition.

Scarce and early edition of the first major collection of Erasmus’ correspondence.

First Strasbourg edition, only Froben’s Basel editions of 1518 August and 1519 March preceded it. Auctarium selectarum is a collection of sixty-three, formerly unpublished letters mostly of the years 1517 and 1518, selected and prefaced by Beatus Rhenanus.

Includes Erasmus’ correspondence with such luminaries and prominent contemporaries as Guillaume Budé, Johann Eck, Pope Leo X, Jean Grolier, Thomas More, Richard Pace, Cuthbert Tunstall, Jacques Lefèvre d’Étaples, Heinrich Glarean, Ulrich Zasius, Thomas Wolsey. It also includes the letter to Henry VIII wherein Erasmus reminds the King of the book (Institutio Principis Christiani bound with Plutarchi opuscula, both by Froben 1516; kept in the library of Charlecote Park, Warwickshire) he presented him in the autumn of 1517, and which is considered today as a testimony of Erasmus’ obscure quest for English royal patronage in 1517 and 1518. (Clough, 1981)

Ref.: VD 16 E 2941 USTC 614695; Rogers p. 567; Gibson 145.

Bibl.: Clough, C. H.: Erasmus and the Pursuit of English Royal Patronage in 1517 and 1518. In: Erasmus of Rotterdam Society Yearbook. Volume 1; Issue: 1. Leiden: Brill, 1981. pp. 126–140.


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