Item #1277 Pojecie prawdy w jezykach nauk dedukcyjnych. [The Concept of Truth in Formalized Language.]. Alfred Tarski.
The Foundation of Modern Logical Semantics

Pojecie prawdy w jezykach nauk dedukcyjnych. [The Concept of Truth in Formalized Language.]

Warszawa: Nakladem Towarzystwa Naukowego Warszawskiego z Zasilku Ministerstwa wyznan Religijnych i Oswiecenia Publicznego, 1933. First edition. In publisher’s printed wrappers. VII, (1), (1)–116, (2) p. Panels sunned. Front panel with two stains. Otherwise clean. In fine condition.

Scarce first edition of Tarski’s monograph on the concept of truth in formalized languages.

“In his classic monograph on the concept of truth [...], Tarski will present a method for constructing definitions of truth for classical quantificational formal languages. When one succeeds in applying this method to a particular formal language, the end result will be the construction of a predicate in a metalanguage for that language whose essential properties will be that it will be constructed out of non-suspicious mathematical vocabulary and that it will be intuitively satisfied precisely by the intuitively true sentences of the object language. At the same time, Tarski shows how, in terms of the defined notion of truth, one can give intuitively adequate definitions of the semantical notions of definability and denotation, and he indicates how it is possible to define the notion of truth in a structure in a way analogous to the one used to define truth. That allows him to conclude that the acceptability and rigor of the “recent methodological studies” (of Löwenheim, Skolem, Gödel and Tarski himself, among others), have been vindicated [...].” (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Alfred Tarski (1901–1983) “widely considered as one of the greatest logicians of the twentieth century (often regarded as second only to Gödel), and thus as one of the greatest logicians of all time. Among philosophers he is especially known for his mathematical characterizations of the concepts of truth and logical consequence for sentences of classical formalized languages, and to a lesser extent for his mathematical characterization of the concept of a logical constant for expressions of those same languages.” (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


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