Népszava. Mihály Biró.
Biró's Striking Propaganda Poster


Budapest: Seidner Plakát és Cimkegyár, [1914]. Designed by Mihály Biró. Original, vintage poster. Chromolithograph. ca. 63,5 × 95 cm. Artistically restored. In fine condition.

Mihály Biró’s striking poster, a scarce piece of the Népszava-series, the advertisement for the social-democrat newspaper with the iconic image of the “Red Man with Hammer”.

The image of the Red Man with Hammer as the logo of the social-democrat newspaper Népszava (People’s Voice) was originally created in 1912 by Mihály Biró (1886–1948). Soon it appeared on poster: the figure superimposed on the image of a front page of the journal as an allusion to the content and the ideology of the “People’s Voice”.

On the present, 1914 version, at the breakout of World War I, the arrangement is similar to the original poster, but here the giant Red Man with his enormous hammer is about to smite the Austro-Hungarian soldiers who chained him and threatening with their arms.

Scarce poster, and an important image in the history of political propaganda.


Price: €4,000.00

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