Item #1078 Stefan Zweig’s Holograph letter to Heinrich Mann. 1920. Stefan Zweig, Heinrich Mann.
Stefan Zweig’s Holograph letter to Heinrich Mann. 1920.
Stefan Zweig’s Holograph letter to Heinrich Mann. 1920.
Zweig’s Autograph Letter to Heinrich Mann

Stefan Zweig’s Holograph letter to Heinrich Mann. 1920.

Handwritten letter in ink on both sides. One leaf, Zweig’s personal letter card (size: 178 × 113 mm), with his printed monogram and Vienna address, crossed in ink and changed to Salzburg. Signed and dated in Salzburg, on May 16, 1920. With the original envelop, stamps and post vignette. Envelope addressed in Zweig’s hand. In fine condition.

An early piece of correspondence between Stefan Zweig and Heinrich Mann.

After the First World War Heinrich Mann developed an intensive correspondence with Stefan Zweig. In an unpublished letter (held in the Stefan Zweig Collection of the The National Library of Israel), dated on May 15, 1920 Mann asked the internationally recognized and influential Austrian writer, who recently moved to the city of Salzburg, to backup his application to the Landesregierung (State Government) for entering the state to spend time at Bad Gastein. He was afraid to be on “black list” (“schwarzen Liste”) as a known supporter of the Bavarian Soviet Republic, and his application would be rejected, especially if he comes directly from Munich ("ist beträchtlich, wenn man aus München kommt”). Mann asks Zweig to provide “alibi” that he was not Bavarian but a citizen of his birthplace, the distant Free and Hanseatic City of Lübeck (“Staatsangehöriger der Freien Hansestadt Lübeck, die weit fort liegt”).

This reply from Zweig, dated on May 16th, is a response to some earlier stage in their correspondence about the same problem, wherein Zweig offers to interfere at the Landesregierung through a friend, and ensures Mann that the problem will be solved immediately, as “here, just as everywhere difficulties are mostly exaggerations (“hier wie überall sind die Schwierigkeiten meist Übertreibungen”), Zweig also expresses his hope that Mann will visit them in Salzburg while on his way to Bad Gastein.

Bibl.: Jasper, W.: Deutsch-jüdischer Parnass. Literaturgeschichte eines Mythos. München: Propyläen, 2004. p. 305.


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