Commemorate the decree of March 8, 1790

[Caption title:] Extrait des registres des délibérations de l’assemblée provinciale du Sud de Saint-Domingue, Et de sa Séance du 16 Mai 1790. Imprimé par ordre de l’Assemblée.

Paris: Baudouin, Imprimeur de l’Assemblée Nationale, (1790). First edition. Published unbound. 2, (2) p. In fine condition.

Official order to commemorate the decree of March 8, 1790 with festivities.

The decree of the National Assembly on March 8, 1790 granted full legislative powers to the Colonial Assembly, gave Saint-Domingue and all French colonies almost complete autonomy.

The decree reached Saint-Domingue only in May, and the Colonial Assembly began to issue radical decrees and reforms, pushing the colony further toward autonomy from France, thus the decree had a crucial role in the history of the Haiti Revolution.

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