Contemporary Photographic Portrait of Gustav Landauer. Gustav Landauer, Germain Krull.
Portrait of the German Anarchist, Gustav Landauer

Contemporary Photographic Portrait of Gustav Landauer.

(1919). Vintage photograph. 86 × 138 mm. With a small spot of fray, otherwise in good condition.

"Most likely it was taken by Germaine Krull, though another copy I carrying the press agency stamp of Hitler's favored photographer Henrich Hoffman (Berinson Galerie, Berlin)"

Gustav Landauer (1870–1919) was one of the key figures and leading theorists of the German Anarchism, and “the most important agitator of the radical revolutionary movement” – according to the German police at the time.

Landauer studied German and English literature, philosophy and art history at the University of Heidelberg. After graduating he moved to Strasbourg and later lived in Berlin. He was close friend to Peter Kropotkin, Erich Mühsam and Martin Buber. With Mühsam they established the “Sozialistischer Bund” in 1908, with the aim to unite the people and realizing socialism.

Landauer was involved in the German Revolution of 1918–1919 and he became Commissioner of Enlightenment and Public Instruction of the Munich Soviet Republic (Münchener or Bayerische Räterepublik) led by Kurt Eisner. After the fall of short-lived Soviet Republic, Landauer was arrested and murdered.


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