Lenin’s Annotated Copy of the Menshevik Periodical

Возрожденie. Журналъ общественно-политическiй. 1910. No. 6. [Vozrozhdenie. Zhurnal obshchestvenno-politicheskii. [Revival / Renaissance. Social-Political Magazine.]

Moscow: [N. p.], 1910. First edition. In original red, printed wrappers. [24 leaves]; 94 columns, and (1) p. Lenin’s ownership stamp on front cover. Underlined and marked by Lenin in red pencil throughout. A smaller sheet with Marcel Bekus’s handwritten note and ownership stamp mounted before the title page. Printed in two columns. Paper yellowed due to aging. Wrappers artistically restored. Overall in fine condition.

Lenin’s own copy of the important Menshevik political magazine, with L. (Julius) Martov’s article, annotated by Lenin.

L. Martov’s essay on historical necessity, “The diary of a publicist” (col. 1–18) was the leading article of this number of Vozrozhdenie. Several paragraphs of the writing are marked at the side, some sentences underlined by Lenin in red pencil. A few underlines in black pencil, probably by a different hand. The name “Kogan”, supposedly referring to the Menshevik trade union leader Mikhail Grigorievich Kogan (better known by the pseudonym Viktor Grinevich; 1874–1942), inscribed to the margin of pp. 15–16 in black pencil. The word “нервозные” (nervous) is circled in Aleksandr Martynov’s article (col. 47), some paragraphs marked in G. Smolin’s article (col. 63–72), and many names of the contributors of a trade union-magazine, whose advertisement placed on the last page, underlined and circled by Lenin.

L. (Lev or Julius) Martov, was the leader of the Menshevik movement, friend, comrade, close associate of Lenin in the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP), and co-founder of the party organ Iskra. Lenin and Martov split during the Second Congress of the RSDLP in 1903 on the basis of the definition of the membership. Eventually, Lenin’s more strict proposal gained the majority of the Congress, thus Lenin named his faction the Bolshevik (majoritarian), and Martov’s supporters the Menshevik (minoritarian). However, despite their differences, Lenin remained highly respecting Martov. In 1921 he wrote Trotsky, that his single greatest regret was "that Martov is not with us. What an amazing comrade he is, what a pure man!”

From the collection of Marcel Bekus, with a handwritten note by him (with a small ink stamp), claiming that the magazine was in Lenin’s possession and he bought it in Paris in 1934. Bekus (1888–1939) was a Polish-born Russian revolutionary anarchist, historian of revolution and Socialism. His remarkable book collection was sold in 1985.

Provenance: Collection stamp of Vladimir Lenin on the front wrapper; Marcel Bekus’ handwritten note and collection stamp.


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